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Ballito Realty is a real estate rental agency in Ballito.

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Our letting agents in Ballito provide top quality services for those seeking to let or rent property in Ballito and nearby areas.

Ballito Realty serves clients within the following service areas:


We are a group of talented real estate letting agents in Ballito... Partner with trusted talent and find a property to rent in Ballito with a real estate expert you can trust.

At Ballito Realty our property rental agents make every effort to help you find the perfect property to rent – a place to love – a place where you can create happy living experiences... Reach out at 079 440 264 to find your Ballito house to rent today!

At Ballito Realty, you the property owner, get a team of real estate rental experts to make sure that your rental property gets the exposure it deserves to rent your property fast.

At Ballito Realty, we aim to build exciting, enjoyable and rewarding property renting experiences for private property owners and tenants!

Landlords and tenants benefit greatly from renting property through Ballito Realty - rent your next home with confidence.

Ballito Realty provides you with a positive environment and a new generation of expert real estate agents with great energy, for the benefit of landlords and tenants.

Rated by our property rental clients as the top real estate rental agency in Ballito for residential real estate rental services.

At Ballito Realty, we deal with residential property rentals - housing options include residential property to rent, houses to rent, townhouses to rent, apartments to rent and flats to rent in Ballito and surrounding areas.

Ballito Realty’s real estate agents have all the pertinent information you need to make an informed decision about the property for rent. However, at Ballito Realty, we make it our mission to learn all we can about you – we first listen to what matter – the hopes, the dreams, the visions, the goals, your very individual needs and desires. And then we focus in on homes to rent that are precisely and personally right for you – the perfect match.

Ballito Realty's real estate rental intelligence empowers and fuel our agents' success at Ballito Realty and proved very helpful in selecting the right Ballito houses to rent for our clients. Our property rental agents are consistently ranking highest in customer satisfaction... Team up with the best property rental agency in Ballito.

Discover home trends in your property rental market, researched by our local real estate experts and curated by design, amenities, and neighborhood – contact real estate agency.

Discover the difference of working with the best real estate agents in Ballito – contact real estate agents.

Contact our Ballito letting agents today for professional property renting assistance with houses in Ballito, townhouses in Ballito, apartments in Ballito and flats in Ballito and all nearby areas.

The leading real estate rental agency in Ballito and beyond!

Looking for a Ballito house to rent?  You will find it with Ballito houses to rent – the dedicated housing and accommodation division of Ballito Realty.

You want to stage your Ballito house to rent… Ballito Realty has a long tradition of helping landlords to find the best tenants.

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At Ballito Realty, we provide our clients with simple, reliable and flexible residential real estate rental services that are structured to help you rent property faster, easier and safer. Our residential property rental services include the following:

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Our professional letting agents are trained to listen – and to focus in on property to rent or houses to rent that are precisely and personally right for you - they can assist you with the following real estate rentals in Ballito:

The following real estate experts are available at Ballito Realty to listen to your property rental needs and can help you find the perfect property to rent right away:

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